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Tired of dealing with a furry face? Get professional facial waxing services to get rid of those unwanted hairs around your eyebrows, chin, and upper lip. With our facial waxing services, you will enjoy a slower regrowth of your hair in the treated areas and a silky smooth face.

  • If the same area is waxed repeatedly over time, it can lead to permanent hair loss

  • It's cost-effective over other methods

  • It exfoliates the skin so it's silky smooth

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Don't delay any longer. We all want to look our best and those pesky facial hairs aren't helping! Contact Studio 55 to make an appointment to get rid of the unwanted facial hair.

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Benefits of waxing hair

Facial waxing services

At Studio 55, you will receive star treatment for all your facial waxing needs. Get rid of that unibrow or subtle mustache and notice the prolonged hair regrowth after waxing. We are open from Monday to Saturday. Stop by us to get professional facial waxing and leave with a smooth face!

Stay smooth and slow the re-growth of hair